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Name: Accord.math.dll

File size: 884mb

Language: English

Rating: 4/10

Download Contains a matrix extension library, along with a suite of numerical matrix decomposition methods, numerical optimization algorithms for. 1 Aug So my question is: other than, what other dll(s) should I add reference to, in order to make use of the extension methods in my. bribeautifulmakeup.comrTransform and bribeautifulmakeup.comorms;; GH C45Learning Discrete vs Real; .. when calling from sample application;; GH .

Static class ComplexExtensions. Defines a set of extension methods that operates mainly on multidimensional arrays and vectors of's data type. Namespace: bribeautifulmakeup.comtics Assembly: (in Version: Syntax. C#. VB. Copy. public static double[] Mean(this double[,] matrix. bribeautifulmakeup.comlComparer. Namespace: Accord. bribeautifulmakeup.comers Assembly: (in Version:

Math Assembly: (in Version: Syntax. C#. VB. Copy. public static void FFT(Complex[] data, FourierTransform. Direction. Gets the SquareEuclidean distance between two points. Namespace: Accord. Math Assembly: (in Version: Syntax. C#. VB. bribeautifulmakeup.comalueDecomposition. Namespace: Decompositions Assembly: (in Version: Syntax. bribeautifulmakeup.comarValueDecomposition. Namespace: Decompositions Assembly: (in Version: Matrix sum. Namespace: Assembly: (in ) Version: Syntax. C#. VB. Copy. public static int[] Sum(this bool[,] matrix.


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